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Sunday, July 24 2016 @ 11:32 PM ICT
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Joan Jett for Levi's new denim range

Jeans DesignersUltimate rock babe Joan Jett has been unveiled as one of the new faces of Levi's.

As reported by, Jett, along with Erin Wasson, Tali Lennox, Jamie Chung and Leigh Lezark (and more, talk about squad goals) are fronting the campaign for the brand's 700 denim series. The collection has six styles, from the 710 Super Skinny to the 714 Straight

The campaign was shot by Petra Collins, and the collection was unveiled at an event in New York on Tuesday night.
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Taking Care of Your Raw Denim Trousers

Jeans StylesI've long been intrigued by the raw denim cult – and the great lengths fanatics will go in order to break in their jeans trousers. Raw denim is basically left unwashed after the indigo dyeing process, and over time, these jeans will achieve the holy grail of raw denim: fading in areas where the fabric is regularly creased or rubbed.

So how can you do this in 30 days to get some nice looking fades?

The first think is to get yourself a raw denim jeans trouser, now-a-day most shops sell bascially every sort of denim imaginable: Raw, Selvedge, Sanforized, Unsanforized, Heavy-Weight, Japanese. They were all stiff and uncomfortable, so I decided on the pair with best overall fit.

The trick to getting your raw-denim-trousers to fit even better is to wear them as much as humanly possible. This means every single day – and according to some extreme raw denim experts, that means all night too. I tried this once. It was very unpleasant.
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Textile mills in Pakistan's Punjab to close down

Business OutlookTextile mill owners in Pakistan’s Punjab province who had announced a voluntary closure of their mills a few days ago, have now called for a ‘forced closure’ after Eid, the Pakistani media has reported

The millers had decided to close down their industrial units, blaming direct and indirect taxes coupled with the energy crisis as the core reason for them to take the extreme step.

“We had persuaded our members to not go on strike but the current scenario has tied their hands and they have no choice but to opt for the closure,” said All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (Aptma) chairman SM Tanveer.

He said the situation was getting tougher every passing day, adding the basic textile sector was on the verge of collapse.

Tanveer warned that the value-added sector would soon follow suit as it would be starved of yarn and fabric when present stocks were exhausted.
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Are the type of jeans you wear in your genes?

General NewsIf genes are fate, well, so are jeans. Like it or not, the fact is, we are the denim we wear. Oh, sure, you can try to sidestep your destiny by showing up at Ranchman’s this week in a pair of polyester microfibre cargo shorts, but you’ll be shown the door faster than you can get your wallet back in your Velcro-closure pocket. Jeans rule, even in summer—certainly, there’s no escaping them for the next 10 days. Know thyself, therefore: choose wisely and beware compartment syndrome*.

These were popular in the 1990s among those svelte 20-something women who were seeking a certain slouchy grunge look, and, before that, among farmers. Ironically, unless you belong to the latter group, it’s tricky to pull this look off without giving the impression that you are working way too hard. (Overalls are the denim equivalent of showing up at Folk Fest with a hula hoop.) If, however, you spent $330 on a pair of Frame Denim Le Garcon distressed stretch-denim overalls, you better get it right: unhook a shoulder strap, put on a tank top and high-top Chuck Taylors, and somebody might grab your adorable hand and pull you into Farm restaurant for a grass-fed cheeseburger.
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The Love for Jeans Flares

Jeans StylesI'm a denim connoisseur, a fanatic, an unrepentant jeans junkie. My denim collection takes up more than half of my closet. You name it, I own it – wide – legged, stretch, slouchy, coated, skinny, high-waisted – and probably in multiple washes and finishing.

But no matter how delicious the stretch is on an ultra-skinny ankle jean or how perfect the distress job is on my boyfriend denim, my number one homies, hands down? My flares.

It's sad to me that flares have gotten a bad rap in recent years. While skinnies became the de facto badass rock star cut, bell-bottoms became, well, Very Brady.
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First look: Victoria Beckham Spring 2016 Collection

Jeans DesignersTo many, Victoria Beckham is not just a designer but also an enforcer of style, leading the pack with her fearlessly feminine ensembles. When she announced last month that she was going to merge her Victoria Beckham Denim line with her Victoria, Victoria Beckham main line, the aforementioned pack became hungry for answers.

Now, those answers have arrived in the form of a fresh and bright Spring 2016 collection that lived up to all expectation. The range is both playful and powerful, with bold colours, sharp shapes, iconography, and loud prints.
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Skinny jeans could land you in the hospital

Jeans StylesIf you experience any numbness in your feet or legs while wearing skinnies, try and get changed as quickly as possible and see a doctor if it doesn’t subside. Doctors had to cut the skinny jeans off of the woman because her legs had become so swollen, according to some news agency.

When the woman took a break with a walk in a park, she noticed her feet becoming increasingly weak before falling.

The report, published in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychiatry, states that the woman was brought and subsequently admitted at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, where diagnostic examinations were performed. “It’s extremely unlikely for anyone to incur muscle or nerve damage from skinny jeans”.

Doctors say wearing tight jeans reduced the woman’s blood supply, giving her swollen calves and lost feeling in her lower legs which led to damaged muscle and nerve fibers.
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Gisele Bundchen Drops Pants for Advertising

Jeans DesignersBrazilian model Gisele Baundchen first went topless for a Stuart Weitzman campaign. Now, she has gone pantless for a new ad campaign for the shoe label.

Bundchen recently posted a photo from her new ad campaign on her Instagram account and her pants were missing!

In the image, she is seen wearing over-the-knee Stuart Weitzman boots and a turtleneck, reported by several news agencies.
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Palmetto Synthetics to manufacture and distribute Unifi’s REPREVE

Fabrics & MaterialsUnifi, Inc., a leading producer of sustainable textiles, continues to expand its REPREVE® brand of recycled fibers through a manufacturing and distribution relationship with Palmetto Synthetics, LLC. Under this relationship, Unifi’s REPREVE chip, produced at the REPREVE Recycling Center, will be purchased and processed by Palmetto into staple fiber and will be sold under the REPREVE brand name. This will provide the textile industry with a U.S. made REPREVE staple fiber product option.

“We have a shared vision with Unifi to provide the textile industry with high quality, innovative products, which led us to this supply relationship,” said David Poston, vice president of Palmetto Synthetics. “We have seen a big shift in inquiries for a domestically made recycled fiber, and this initiative with Unifi allows us to amplify our domestic efforts.”

Available as either natural or solution-dyed polyester staple fiber, REPREVE products produced by Palmetto will be NAFTA and Berry Amendment compliant. REPREVE staple fiber is suitable in a wide range of applications, including apparel, military, denim, upholstery, industrial, medical, automotive and nonwoven products.
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Three simple rules to fake effortless style

Jeans StylesTrying to define style can be tricky. We know it when we see it. But quantifying it, understanding it, is an altogether more challenging situation.

It is certainly not about money or the amount of cash splashed on an outfit. We have all seen enough red carpet disasters to know that, even with a haute couture dress and an army of beauticians, some women can still look like a dog's dinner.

We also, no doubt, all know women who can dress head to toe in Primark or throw on the raggiest of old frocks and manage to look like they have just stepped off the style pages of the glossiest of magazines.

Obviously, there is an element of creativity and arty types with an "eye" for colour and texture have definitely got a head start above most of us.
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